Connectorati Tip: Prepare for Networking Magic

Each month Tech After Five features a monthly Connectorati Tip to include in our newsletter; providing our readers with the latest tips for networking success. For the June newsletter we featured this Connectorati tip on how to prepare for an unexpected networking success.

ConnectoratiThis past week I found myself at an event that offered some great networking with an ideal crowd. I wasn’t completely sure of what to expect at this event, so I turned to standard Connectorati tactics to help prepare myself. I set an objective to meet three new people that I could help. I set a second objective to reinforce relationships with a few people that I had already met. Prior to the event, I contacted the person in charge and asked who might be there and, thankfully, they showed me a list of the invited guests. A quick review of the list assured me that my objectives were reasonable.

At the event, before dinner even started, I had met both of my objectives. I was feeling pretty good. What I wasn’t prepared for was sitting next to someone I didn’t know who told me about what they do, in a very Connectorati fashion, only after I asked them to. I was enjoying the conversation, being cuteous and inquisitive and had no expectation beyond that. What I got, however, was a bit of networking magic.

The guy explained to me what he did and who he helped and I very quickly realized he could help me with a long standing problem of mine. I was someone he could help! Better yet, this problem had been gnawing at me for over a year and I hadn’t figured out how to solve it on my own. By leaving myself open, remaining relaxed, being curteous and inquisitive, listening intently, I was able to connect a solution with a problem solver I wasn’t expecting. It was networking magic.

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