Connectorati Tip: How to Get Your Name in the Media

Each month Tech After Five features a monthly Connectorati Tip to include in our newsletter; providing our readers with the latest tips for networking success. For the December newsletter we featured this Connectorati tip, an anecdote of wisdom by Tech After Five founder, Phil Yanov.

ConnectoratiA little bit of publicity with the right crowd can be a real help. It’s a lot more fun to meet someone new who already knows you because they have seen your name in a public place.

Want to know how to get your name or picture in the paper? Or get your story on the news or be heard on the radio? I know the secret. I learned it from a very popular radio personality years ago.

It was my job to host a panel of media professionals appearing before a group of small business owners to talk on the topic of publicity. In setting up the panel, I met with talk show host Ralph Bristol. I asked him, “Ralph, many small business owners would like to get some free publicity. They’d like to get the boost they think that might give them. Simply put, how can they get their name on the radio?” He looked at me and said, “Shoot somebody.”

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Phil YanovPhil Yanov is founder of Tech After Five, president of the GSA Technology Council, tech columnist for Greenville and Columbia Business Magazine, guest host on ETV Radio program Your Day and blogger at Thinkhammer.