Connectorati Tip: Three Power Tools to Enhance Your Networking via LinkedIn.

Each month Tech After Five features a monthly Connectorati Tip to include in our newsletter; providing our readers with the latest tips for networking success. For the November newsletter we featured this Connectorati tip of a list of favorite tools to help manage LinkedIn connections by Tech After Five founder, Phil Yanov.

ConnectoratiFor many, LinkedIn is a networking environment of its own. It is used to research opportunities, carry on discussions, answer questions, make connections, and more. My interest in LinkedIn is to use its tools to lead up to a face to face connection or to enhance the experience of an “In Real Life” encounter I know that I am expecting.

LinkedIn Mobile App
The LinkedIn mobile app is available for both the iPhone and Android. The latest version allows you to quickly initiate and respond to connection requests even while you are standing next to the person you want to connect with. You can use it to update your status; for example when you walk into an event or plan to attend one, you can share a note with your contacts or even specific groups. Professional networking is a contact sport. There is a real benefit in multiple touches with the people you are helping. You can use the LinkedIn mobile app to create touch points at an event, before or after, bringing you, your interests and style of help back to the top of someone’s mind.

Job Change Notifier
This service is a secret weapon for job seekers, recruiters, and those who simply want to keep track of a significant professional event for the people in their networks. The Job Change Notifier service scans your connections daily and sends you an email when there has been a change in their job status. If a connection or group member posts new work status on LinkedIn you get the summary and then can decide what to do about it. Do they need a note of congratulations? Condolences? Does it change something you need to know? Job Change Notifier gives you a good excuse to reconnect with someone just when you or they may need it most.

I use Evernote for lots of things so it should come as no surprise I use it for networking and LinkedIn. I regard it as an extension of my brain and I particularly use it to remember lists of people. LinkedIn will allow you to pull PDF reports of people you can see in your network. It usually lists recent work and projects for a person and is a valuable reminder of who was where and when. Before going to a networking event, I grab reports of people I am particularly interested in meeting and put them in a folder. With Evernote on my smartphone and iPad, I have multiple places I can read and review the details on someone just before meeting them. It’s like having someone whisper the details of someone’s life in your ear just when you need it most.

These apps are three of my favorite ways to extend LinkedIn and be a better networker. If you have a favorite tool, technique or extension, please share it.

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Phil YanovPhil Yanov is founder of Tech After Five, president of the GSA Technology Council, tech columnist for Greenville and Columbia Business Magazine, guest host on ETV Radio program Your Day and blogger at Thinkhammer.

Connectorati Tip: Make Your Networking Personal

Each month Tech After Five features a monthly Connectorati Tip to include in our newsletter; providing our readers with the latest tips for networking success. For the October newsletter we featured this Connectorati tip on how to be memorable in your networking interactions.

ConnectoratiA recent article in the Financial Times confirmed a Tech After Five theory, putting your photograph on your business card can help a new contact be more likely to remember you.

It has always been possible to make contact with more people than you can possibly remember. Social networking sites have made this even easier. You can realistically bump into 20, 30 or even 50 people at a live event in an evening, or brush up against hundreds or thousands via Twitter. How could they possibly know you or identify you well enough that you will win a slot in their mental rolodex? You have to give their brain something to hang onto.

Certainly being charming in person or online helps. We’ve suggested before that offering a few moments of help either on the spot or at a future date will also make you memorable. Personal follow up of any type helps and having something that includes your picture whether it be your note, a business card, or the seal on the envelope can make you someone to remember. The trick is to enchant your new contact, friend, or associate. A picture will help. Got any other ideas? Pass them along and we’ll share them here.

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